“BCM Loves” Strategy

BCM Loves the Campus: The college/university campus in New Orleans is our primary mission field. It is where we find ourselves everyday. Whether it’s going to class, studying, eating, or just about anything else the campus is where that happens and it is where we should have a presence of Gospel faith, hope, and love. We “love” the campus by sharing the Gospel on it, by participating in campus life, by working for the welfare of the campus. This is played out practically in the following ways but are not limited to them:

  • Sharing the Gospel with individuals through Gospel Appointments
  • Asking how we can pray for people and then praying with them or taking their requests and praying for them.
  • Tabling and inviting people to join us for various BCM events
  • Coming alongside campus events and being a positive, Christ-like presence there.
  • Finding ways to serve on campus and just off campus.
BCM Loves the City: We are blessed to be in the City of New Orleans. This city is full of many wonderful things that as a student you should participate in and enjoy. Things like the culture, the food scene, sports, art, music, and especially the people. While she is a beautiful city, she is a broken and sinful city. You don’t have to drive far to see how sin has ravaged her and has made her in need of a Savior. Loving the city while you are here is part of our missional DNA. This is played out practically in the following ways but are not limited to them:

  • Be an active member of a local New Orleans church.
  • Volunteer at the various city-focused mission centers
  • Participate in BCM-led missions opportunities in the city
  • Prayerfully consider remaining in New Orleans following graduation to be a disciple-making disciple in the local church in NOLA in order to help reach NOLA for Christ.
BCM Loves the World: As a follower of Jesus we are called to not just make a Gospel impact on that which is near to us but to consider how we might impact the world for Christ. This type of love is a sacrificial love as it will cause you to give up time, talents, and/or treasure to make it happen. Loving the World means you take the skills you have learned in loving the campus and the city and take it beyond those borders and into what might be a foreign state or foreign nation. This is played out practically in the following ways but are not limited to them:


  • Commit at least one summer of your university life to serving as a Summer Missionary through GOLA Missions or on staff at a summer camp.
  • Committing to be a part of a Fall Break, Spring Break, or Summer short-term mission trip with BCM.
  • Studying Abroad with a missional intent to connect with a local church and joining them in making disciples.
  • Prayerfully consider taking your talents and gifts and using them in a place that both needs them and your Gospel witness (Journeyman or Career missions)