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BCM is a student organization whose purpose is to reach unChristian students with the Gospel of Christ, connect students to local churches, and to strengthen the walk of those who are passionately following Christ.
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Our Mission & Vision

What we do

BCM Christian Community is a place of refuge, a place of encouragement, and a place of empowerment for college students.  

College life and academic pursuit in our culture today is far from affirming the values that are taught in the Bible. Students who are following Jesus often find themselves faced with pressure to “walk away”, “deconstruct”, or flat out “denounce” their faith. Our community wants to be a place of refuge for those students. A place where they know their faith is valued and where it will be affirmed. A place where they can ask questions, get honest answers, be prayed for, and sent out to live on mission.  

Everyone needs encouragement. That’s why at BCM we provide weekly gatherings so that students of faith can come together for fellowship, worship, and Bible teaching. Our weekly gatherings are designed so that they are continuing to grow in their faith with a large group of like-minded students. We also provided Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) that allow for deeper study, prayer time, and accountability. If that wasn’t enough fellowship events are hosted throughout the year to enjoy being in the company of other believers.  

Romans 1:16 declares that the Gospel is the power unto salvation! We want students to feel empowered as they walk with Christ while in college. BCM offers different missions opportunities on campus, in the city, across the country, and around the world. Our goal is that when a student graduates and move on to Grad School or their professional life that they are empowered and equipped to join a Bible believing & teaching church, to find ways to use their gifts and passions to serve, and to be about the business of making disciples.  

Tulane University

Loyola University

University of New Orleans

Our Values

BCM exists to empower and equip college students to make disciples who make disciples through the study of scripture, prayer, accountable relationships, and missional living.

Biblical Truth

The Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God’s revelation of Himself to humanity. It is a perfect treasure of divine instruction. It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter. We believe that its message is relevant today and by pursuing a relationship with the Author and others as laid out in it, you can experience a fulfilling and purposeful life.


No one should live life alone. At the BCM we value people and we want to journey with you through life. Here you will find people who will celebrate with you in the good times and encourage you through the hard times. We believe that growth happens in community, and therefore, we believe in encouraging one another to live with purpose and intentionality- to each day strive to love God and love others more.

Missional Living

Each person has been created with a purpose and thus, significance. We desire to be people who enjoy living purposefully in our everyday lives. After all, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26b), and so we desire to be people who live out our Christianity and not just talk about it.

“The college campus is a mission field ripe with opportunities to reach the next generation. The decisions made during the college years will shape the direction of a person’s life, so it’s crucial that we, as the Church, are there to offer guidance, support, and the love of Jesus.”

– David Platt, pastor and author.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BCM?

BCM is a student organization whose purpose is to reach unChristian students with the Gospel of Christ, connect students to local churches, and to strengthen the walk of those who are passionately following Christ. We accomplish these things through worshiping together, building community in Journey Groups, and serving together on campus, in the community, and around the world.

Do I have to be apart of a specific denomination?

NO! BCM Christian Community is graciously funded by local Baptist churches but you don’t have to be Baptist or any denomination. Our students come from various denomination or non-denominational backgrounds. We are a community to loves Jesus and is called to make disciples who make disciples on college and university campuses in New Orleans.

Where do you meet?

Tulane & Loyola – We are blessed with our own building just off each campus on Freret St. The BCM House is located at 7111 Freret Street. The doors open at 8:00am and usually close around 11:00pm. When the BCM House is open students can hang out at the building, watch TV, study, grab snacks and coffee, utilize our FREE wifi, and if needed take a much needed nap. On the weekends we will open the BCM House for studying and hanging out. We usually post weekend openings in the GroupMe 

University of New Orleans – We have developed a partnership with the Newman Center on campus to host our events and programs at. The Newman Center is located across the boulevard from the University Center next to the International Student Center. Our weekly dinner, worship, and game nights are held there. Other events that we do may be held in other campus buildings or spaces.  

I am really into missions, can BCM help me?

Yes! BCM takes at least one mission trip per year but sometimes multiple ones. We have developed a partnership with a missionary in Alaska and usually take a trip to Anchorage to serve in the summer for a week. We have also done work in Arlington, TX, Mexico, Mississippi, and parts of Louisiana. We also have an extensive Summer Missions program in conjunction with our other BCMs across the state called GOLA Summer Missions. You can find out all of the offerings that GOLA has by going to www.golamissions.com