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The NOLA Baptist Collegiate Ministry strives to make an impact in people’s lives every single day and we want to further grow your Christian faith! Your time within college is an important one and we want you to experience it as best you can. BCM is here to make that possible, but don’t just take our word from it. Hear from people similar to you who are a part of BCM! Learn how the Baptist Collegiate Ministry affected their lives while venturing through college. After reading their personal testimonials, find your campus under the campus section and visit us the next time you’re at your college!


Corey Smith  

“When I came to Christ, I knew nothing of how to live out my newfound Christian life. I love the BCM because it introduced me to discipleship, evangelism, and how to grow deeper in my faith while also giving me a community of believers to grow alongside.”

Corey Smith - Tulane University, Class of 2016


Emma Taylor  

“I love the BCM because of the support I have from the leaders and fellow students. I love that I can serve alongside of everyone and be poured into as well. “

Emma Taylor - Leavell College, Class of 2016


Tara Kini  

“I love the BCM because it's a place full of people who love life and walk with The Lord on a daily basis. I also enjoy learning from the BCM leaders because they share their life experiences and methods of learning more about Jesus.”

Tara Kini - Tulane University, Class of 2017


Meredith Faulkner  

"I love BCM because it have me a network of Christian friends by the first week of school. I never felt alone in my faith."

Meredith Faulkner - Loyola University, Class of 2017


Joshua Leavell  

"BCM is grooming me to be a leader within my community and is giving me the necessary tools needed to be a servant to spread God's love to the masses.."

Joshua Leavell - SUNO University, Class of 2016

Katelyn McCarthy  

"I love BCM because it has surrounded me with some of my closest friends who not only profess Christ, but also strive to follow His will for their lives in everything they think, say, and do."

Katelyn McCarthy - Tulane University, Class of 2017




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