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The BCM Staff is a group of people who love and care for college students. You shouldn’t ever have to be on your own during your years spent at college. This is a journey that requires support from others. The BCM staff is here to be that for you. Our goal as a college ministry is to be a guide for you as you journey through your college years. Please feel free to contact any of us here on the BCM staff and let us know how we can serve you or get you plugged into our college ministry on the campus you attend. We hope to hear from you soon!

Corey Olivier   Corey Olivier
Metro BCM Director
Tulane University Athletics Chaplain
504-616-4216 (cell)


Jason Thomas   Danny Currie
Associate Metro BCM Director
Tulane & Loyola University
504-376-7998 (cell)


Kimberly Myers   Kimberly Myers
International Student Ministry
University of New Orleans
504-450-9555 (cell)


DeAron Washington  

Kat Armas
Intern - Tulane & Loyola University
(305) 773-0071 (cell)



Nathan McQuary   Taylor Burrington
Intern - Tulane & Loyola University
504-502-5270 (cell)


Corey Olivier   Ben Fraser
Intern - University of New Orleans
(229) 942-8391 (cell)


Joy Pigg  

Cody Masters
Intern - Leavell College at NOBTS
770-757-1625 (cell)



Amber Warren  

Amy Mullins
Intern - Leavell College at NOBTS
985-290-3891 (cell)



DeAron Washington  

John Nam
Intern - Tulane & Loyola University
808-729-8812 (cell)



DeAron Washington  

Zaide Noel
Intern - University of New Orleans & Southern University at New Orleans
740-464-6258 (cell)



DeAron Washington  

Sarah Reed
Intern - Tulane & Loyola University
662-539-1112 (cell)







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